Lynden Community Choir Executive

Marilynn Bean, Cathy Bryden, RoseMarie Brooks, John Cloke, Roger Girard, Linda Nedelko, Bette Norton, Bill Osborne, Jim Robb, Ed Wehrstein


Musical Director
Roger Girard

Show Coordinator

Cathy Bryden


Master of Ceremonies

Bill Osborne


Stage Manager

Terry Osborne


Bill Osborne, Ann Bassett, John Cloke,

Brochure design
Annette Manchester


Stage Crew

Geordie and Glynn Manchester


Lighting Crew

Fortunitta Cherry, Jim Couch, John Pepper, & Rob Groves


Sound Crew

Mike Gough, Jim Couch


Makeup Crew

Jackie Flynn, Gwen Groves


Web Site

Pat Anderchek
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