Clap Yo' Hands
Your Song,
Put On A Happy Face


Oye La Musica
Stand By Me
Homeward Bound - ladies
I'm Into Something Good
I Love Ragtime


Youth Group - "Girl Talk "

A slumber party where talk turns to love.

Songs ranging from Yesterday - Both Sides Now, Total Eclipse of the Heart, I Will Survive and more

Junior Choir - talented youth choir led by the lively duo, Barb Bodner and Joanne Baker.

  • Bop Shu-Wop,
  • All Night, All Day,
  • Rockin'Robin









The Jack Pot Junkies - Produced by Annette Manchester, Doris Hendrichs, Bronka Ridley

  • If I Had a Million Dollars





Adult Skit "Canadian Rural Idol"

See representatives from the East and West coasts, Ontario and Quebec, the Prairies and even the far north compete to be the Canadian Rural Idol for 2004.

East Coast

Lois Landoni
Ann Bassett
Marilyn Johnman
Marian Brisco


Charlie Landoni
Anne Hinrich

The Prairies

Gisela Rupka
Ann Pipe
Gail Bowslaugh

West Coast

Marilyn Wase
Jackie Watt
Rob Groves
The North

Cathy Bryden
Rosemary Girard
Roger Girard
Esteemed Judges
Jim Telfer
Gwenn Wehrstein
Celine Rupka









Linda and Maggie Davis - soloists

Linda - Song of Bernadette
Maggie - Ghost in this House

Pepper Brothers - from the wilds of Beverly Township, these brothers once more keep the audience in an uproar.







Get Me To The Church On Time
At Last
Take Me Out To The Ball Game
Chicago Medley


O Brother, Where Are Thou
Let It Be Me
Feeling Groovy
Sir Duke