1970  The Good Old Days
1974  Spring Revue
1977  Spring Revue'77
1980  Up, Up and Away
1982  Give My Regards to Broadway
1984  Hooray for Hollywood
1986  Circus on Parade
1988  Do You Remember
1990  Deja Revue
1992  Loonie Tunes
1994  Salty Airs
1996  Country Chorale

1998  Out of this World
2000  T.I.M.E - The Incredible Millennium Event
2002  Tap... Tap... Tapestry, A Musical Mosaic
2004   Celebrate!
2006   We're On Our Way!
photo of old programmes

The show began in 1970 as a variety revue presented by the Lynden United Church Centennial Choir under the directorship of Bette Norton. It had 28 choir members and ran for 3 evenings.

The purpose of the Lynden Community Show is to encourage and promote a spirit of friendship and unity within the community. Proceeds from the shows are given to area schools for musical scholarships.

The Show now has 60 choir members, a junior choir, youth group and several comedy troupes providing entertainment over 6 evenings.

quilt from Tap...Tap...Tapestry
Poster 2002
The Quilt Backdrop
From 2002
Poster From 2004
Poster 2002

Poster 2004