Photo Gallery 1970 - 1988
Spring Revue "77" - Colours
First Row: Sharon Canning, Nancy Harris, Greta Oliver, Ruth Brooks.

2nd Row: Bette Norton(Director), Marilyn Bean, Pearl Watterworth, Marylin Dyment, Cathi Swift, Jane Brownlee, Marilyn Kuik, Cathy Bryden, Marilyn Johnman, Dorothy Kivell, Helen Caldwell, Mary Edworthy(pianist)

3rd Row: Andrea Young, Eleanor Simpson, Eleanor Wood, Joyce Roswell, Gwen Emick, Harvey Wood (emcee), Doris Knowles, Marie Edworthy, Marlene Chambers, Dianne Robb, Gwen Wehrstein, Marilyn Braithwaite.

4th Row: Reg Woodworth, Wayne Myhre, Albert Giesz, Don Harris, Don Norton, Tieme Kuik.
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