Working on the backdrop
Putting up the backdrop
some of the twinkling stars warming up
Some of the "Twinkling Stars" warming up.
killer bee air show
Killer Bee Air Show.
Linda sings 'She's Got You'
"I’ve got your memories..."
Lee Academy - 'Unbirthday Song'
Stomping Sweethearts
To Be...
3 generations
3 generations
Window coverings in Susan Ewert's "Random Acts Of Art" studio before installation.
working on window coverings
Working on the window coverings.
rehearsing the Chocolat Song
Rehearsing "The Chocolate Song"
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka !
pranksters backstage
"Then we'll hit him with the cake!"
Sound Minds
Sound Minds
auditioning the dog
Auditioning the...Dog?
warming up-rear view
I just want to STOP...and fan you baby
Lee Academy 'The Unbirthday Song'
Lee Academy "The Unbirthday Song"
The Chocolate Song
Re-rehearsing "The Chocolate Song"
the band warms up
Warming Up
warming up-rear view
Warming Up, rear view