All You Need Is Love - 2010
poster from 2010
Annette Manchester's poster
rehearsing in the gymn
Rehearsal in the gymn. Roger Girard directs, Dianne Robb is at the keyboard.

rehearsing in the church
Rehearsal in the church. Dianne Robb plays the keyboard, Roger Girard directs.
On the right Roger is behinded by a line of 6 basses, 5 of them visible.
peter evans, darielle & brianna
costume designer Darielle Clayton-Thomas and Brianna discuss suspenders with Peter Evans

Gwen Wehrstein, Brian Bishop, Charlie Landoni, Rebecca Bassett

setting up
setting up
setting down
setting up
Putting up the lights
Rising Stars
rising stars
Playing Stars
playing stars
Taylor the Latte Boy
Nina Hindrichs, DJ Nedelco, Heidi Hindrichs
latte boy
1988 photo
DJ Nedelco, Nina Hindrichs, Heidi Hindrichs, Jenny Betzner, Alex Thompson in 2002 (Tap...Tap...Tapestry)
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