The 2012 show "So You Think You Can Dance, Alice!" is an ambitious funfest.

In addition to the 60 voice Show Chorus, there are 3 more musical groups, the band, an endless parade of bizarre characters and behind the scenes, a small army. What did you say the population of Lynden is?

This is our 21st show since 1970. It should be a great one!

Bette Norton was the founder of the Lynden Spring Revue and was the choir's musical director until passing the baton to Roger Girard in 1992.

The Lynden Spring Revue had a "prequel". In 1967 a show produced by Bette Norton celebrated Canada's Centennial.

In 1970 the show celebrated the 100th anniversary of the United Church. It was billed as "Good Old Days - a variety revue" and ran for 3 performances over 3 evenings. That year the choir featured 28 voices and called itself "The Lynden United Church Centennial Choir".

In 1972 the show began to broaden its focus beyond the church. "Spring Revue '72" featured the 33 member "Lynden Community Choir".

The first shows were first presented in what is now the gymnasium in the Lynden United Church. More seating was needed so the performances moved to the main sanctuary of the church.

In recent years the choir has grown. The stage area has been expanded several times. In 2012 the stage will be larger still to allow more movement by the choir and dancing space for the Alice in Wonderland characters.

The Lynden Spring Revue is self-sustaining through ticket sales and sponsorships.
Volunteers build, design, paint, make costumes, give us sound and light, play in the band and much more. Many of these folks take time from their professional lives to do this. To all of them - Thank You!

Proceeds from the Lynden Spring Revue:
  • Fund the Bette Norton Music Participation Awards in 6 local schools.
  • Provide a donation to Lynden United Church which, after so many years, still welcomes our "joyful noise".
  • Help to pay for the next Lynden Spring Revue.